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Terms And Conditions

LetsBond.com is an international marriage agency, whose objective is to find compatible partners for the website users. The focus is to create a viable environment where Western male persons can find Romanian and Moldavian women suitable for long term relationship and/or marriage.

Agency: The marriage agency who manages letsbond.com, through its designed persons.

User: the Agency recognizes two types of users, in principal;

  • a male person from any English speaking country especially from the Western part of Europe and North America, over the age over 18 years, and which holds a valid account on www.letsbond.com ;
  • a female person from Romania or Moldova, over the age of 18 years, and which holds a valid account on www.letsbond.com .

The above mentioned conditions are also criteria for eligibility.

Valid account: A valid account is a registered account on the user’s own decision and requires, without being limited to, a user name and a password.

Public information: The user has the responsibility to decide what information he/ she decides to share with other users of the website. Beside the chosen identifier (first name and surname’s first letter, and alias), the user can post personal pictures, other relevant information about himself.
The following information is not accepted as public information:

  • address or part of address/ location;
  • information about alternative methods of direct contact: email address, users for messengers (Yahoo, MSN, Skype, others);
  • phone number for fixed line or mobile;
  • photos which are not user’s property.

If an account does not comply with these conditions, the Agency can decide to suspend it until further compliance, or to delete it.

As a professional marriage broker company, we abide by, and are compliant with, the International Marriage Brokers Regulation Act (IMBRA), the US Federal Law which regulates U.S. based International Marriage Brokers (IMBs).

According to our policy and IMBRA, we can screen every member of this online community. In the fortunate event of a trip in Romania with the clear purpose of meeting eligible partners, we will carry out a background check using appropriate databases for your criminal record, and a check on sexual-related crimes through sexual offender registries or we can request other documents on “as needed” basis.

Agency’ rights
The Agency, through its authorized employees, will provide, online and offline, the tools considered useful for the user, so he/ she can find a compatible partner (or more than one). This option is entirely and solely at the Agency’s discretion and depends on the technical availability at any moment.

The Agency will take any measures it considers proper to protect the identity and related information provided by the user, as public information or as personal information. All the information the user decides to use as public will be considered public, within the limits set above.
However, the Agency will not and cannot be held responsible, if there is a breach on user’s part, of any kind, regarding his privacy.

The Agency can, at any time, ask for more information from the user, to ensure a fair and reasonable use of the website and to ensure the quality of communication among its users.
The requests for supplemental data, if they are denied directly or through lack of answer in a timely manner (up to 24 hours) are considered unfriendly behavior from the user and can lead to suspension or deletion of the user’s account.

Any request from the Agency is to be considered, at all times, a reasonable, relevant and useful action to support the user’s search for a compatible partner.

User’s rights
The user can create an account on lets’bond.com (and only one) with respect of the above mentioned conditions. The user can decide the level of completion for his/ her own profile, and can add or delete some info from his/her own account.

The user can decide, at any moment, to delete his account. This action does not entitle him/ her on any refunds (in full or partially) of the sums already paid or other financial compensation. To delete his account, the user will send an email with this request at: ...... . This request will lead to the complete deletion of the account, including any messages, interactions and other related information. At no time the user can request, for any purpose and in any way, the restoration of any information, and will not ask for reparatory measures as a result of his/ her previous actions (s).

The user has access to all the options of the website, and he/ she can use them to accomplish the reason of its use, and to communicate with potential partners.

The price of the service
The user agrees to pay for the use of the website, in accordance with his/ her decision regarding the chosen package. The monthly payment starts from the moment he/ she took the decision to pay, and the money for the service was delivered in the Agency’s account. The period the user paid for is to finish at the corresponding time in the future (a month starts from the moment the user paid and stops at 30 days afterwards, at the corresponding minute and second).

The user will not pretend and will not mislead anyone that his actions are authorized, in any way, by the Agency. Whatever actions and communications he/ she initiates, it is the sole responsibility of the user for their outcome(s). Any other assertions can lead to instant suspension or deletion of user’s account.

The Agency can decide to wave the monthly fee, at any moment, for any reason, if it so considers, for any user. This decision can be reversed at any moment, without this action to entitle the user to any compensation, financial or of other nature.

If the user has decided to meet one or more potential partners that he/ she considers suitable, he/ she will contact the Agency by email, so that the Agency can take any measures, with user’s accept, to ensure a smooth and reasonable meeting (or more) with the corresponding persons. If the user decides to meet the person or persons on his/ her own terms, the Agency will not guarantee, implicitly or explicitly, any outcome of the meetings, and cannot be held liable for any situations the user can be put into.

The user will not send money or goods to any user, under any circumstances and for no reason. The potential partners (females) should not ask the user (male) for any money or other goods to accept communications, to reveal personal information or accept a meeting. If the user wants to send a present to a potential partner, he/ she will contact the Agency, and the Agency will advise the user on this matter. If, however, the user decides to send sums to another user, or any goods without regard to the before mentioned advice, the Agency will not, and cannot, be held responsible, financially or otherwise, in any way.

The user will use his/ her account only himself. He/ she is not entitled to use anyone’s account or let others use his/ her account.

If one or more of these conditions are breached, this could lead to account suspension or deletion, at the sole discretion of the Agency.

Any action of the user using the software platform provided by letsbond.com is done without any guarantees, implied or otherwise, and the Agency has no direct or indirect responsibility to third parties. The users will be held responsible by the appropriate laws for any action that come against those applicable laws.

General restrictions
The user will not use his/ her account for:

  • promoting any commercial endeavor, sale of products or services, and other related actions;
  • to spread information that is obscene, defamatory, libelous, racist, illegal, or which has a negative impact on other’s people’s rights;
  • to provide false information or which are against the Agency as a whole or its activities;
  • to take any measures or communicate information that is negative for the Agency;
  • to use information that is protected by copyright and the user has no property;
  • any other purpose than the one that is the object the user has created, to meet eligible partners for long term relationship and/ or marriage.


Property rights
The Agency has all the rights over the technical means used for the website, the marketing materials, and other materials that are posted by the Agency. Copying, change, spread of those materials, without a prior written consent from the Agency, will be considered actions that are against the Agency and its rights. The Agency will take any measure to restore its rights and will pursue the wrongdoer(s) to the maximum extent the law allows.The company who provides the content, software platform and availability of www.letsbond.com will take reasonable measures to ensure that your email is not used in any other way than the scope you have disclosed it . However,the company can send you emails that are considered to your benefit, without any material obligation to your part. This applies to www.letsbond.com and other affiliates the company is currently running or will run in the future.

If the Agency does not use or uphold a right, at any time, or for any period, that does not mean the Agency cannot hold its right in the future and this does not imply the user can or have a right to do so.

Accord updating
The Agency can modify, add or delete this Accord at any time, including any and any function of its website, without prior notice to the user. The user will be informed as soon as is technically possible by any change(s). The user, by continuing to use any of the website’s functions, agrees unconditionally with the Accord from that moment on.

We are not associated, nor endorsed, and we did not associate, or endorse, with other companies who have their trademarks on our site( ex: Facebook, Tweeter, Paypal, so on.)

For any information regarding this Accord and other functions of the website, please contact our Customer Service through the means posted at the Contact area.

I have read this Accord in full, I understand all its paragraphs and I agree with all of them, and I have no other requests, financially and of other nature, from the Agency.

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