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Security Policy

Our Let’s Bond website’s security policy is a strict one, targeting your own safety and that of your personal data inserted here. Our qualified staff supervises all the current information on the website and monitors every account to prevent any inconvenience, both online and offline.

By using the standard technologies in online dating sites, as well as other such domains, our security policy includes your data encryption at transfer and reception of this information. These security processes provide protection against data loss, abuse or alteration of the information collected about or from you.

Types of information we collect on Let’s Bond

Thus, there are two types of information we collect when you register with the Let’s Bond website, namely personally identifiable information and non-personally identifiable information. The former category strictly refers to that information which specifically identifies you as an individual, whilst the latter makes reference to aggregate information or any other type of information that does not directly relate to your identity.

How we collect your Information

The personal data and information about yourself are automatically collected in a direct or indirect way through log files, from your browser, through cookies, or online surveys and questionnaires that you fill in when registering or when purchasing certain service packs that come with your membership, through emails, discussion forums, etc.

How we use the collected information

Generally, your information collected on our Let’s Bond website is used to deliver our online dating services and to manage it in terms of online dating, to administer your account and provide top customer support, to make a thorough survey regarding your use and interest in our matchmaking services, to develop a personalized content according to your needs, to verify your eligibility in various contests or for promotions/gifts, to exercise certain rights provided by our Terms and Conditions of Use, and last but not least, to ensure your complete registration on our website, thus increasing your chances to achieve the goal of creating a Let’s Bond profile.


Let’s Bond provides extensive security measures to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of your data and information stored in our database. The data encryption systems, especially useful for credit card transactions offer extra security and safety with the management of our website and your management of your personal account, as well as with the transfer of data between our servers and your personal computer. However, being aware that no data transfer over the Internet is 100% safe, we are not able to ensure and cannot guarantee the complete security of the information transferred to us, therefore we are not liable for any unintentional disclosure of this. 

Moreover, after creating a personal account on Let’s Bond, you have the opportunity to make it completely or partially public, or even invisible to other users, according to your desire. Our team is qualified, operating with complete databases which also include online dating scammers that are very common on such websites, to prevent thus any inconvenience that may be brought to you while using our services. Nevertheless, to improve these security measures, Let’s Bond wants an active participation from your part, more exactly, blocking or reporting suspicious users exhibiting a deviant behaviour online.

Together with you, the Let’s Bond website can provide the necessary privacy and security for an even more enjoyable and pleasant online dating experience!

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